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Sharon Gai is the author of the successful book Ecommerce Reimagined, and advises organizations on innovation practices, helping them become Culture Fluid.

Sharon Gai is an international female keynote speaker on ecommerce, digital transformation and AI. She is the former Head of Global Key Accounts at Alibaba and General Manager at a billion dollar ecommerce unicorn. In her tenure, she has advised brands and heads of state in crafting their digital strategy with programmatic marketing and AI. She has been the keynote speaker at TEDx, Singularity University, UBS, Nestle, Deloitte, and many other organizations. She has appeared on Bloomberg, Reuters, ABC, CCTV, CBC, Techcrunch, Retail Asia, and The Next Web. She is the author of the book, Ecommerce Reimagined: what we can learn in retail and ecommerce from China. Sharon is also a Global Shaper in the World Economic Forum. Sharon has an Honors Bachelor’s degree in International Development from McGill and a Masters in Information Management from Columbia University.

Her methodology called Culture Fluid has won audiences of various ages and backgrounds. She brings a fresh voice to the speaking world as someone who is able to bridge different cultures, age groups and corporate cultures.

She currently resides in Silicon Valley, California. 

Sharon Gai helps organizations understand how to adopt AI into their workflows to increase productivity and efficiency

AI Training


Is your organization overwhelmed with AI headlines and not sure where to start? 


How should AI be implemented in your company?


What tools are available to increase efficiencies? 


Sharon is available to be booked for 60 min, 90 min and 120 min trainings and customized workshops in teaching companies how to use Gen AI to do more with less.

Why Sharon

Unique Content

Sharon used to sit in the audiences that your events cater to. And she remembers the conferences and talks where the speaker did not provide any new content. So when Sharon became a speaker, she took extra care to make sure that her stories are fresh and unique.


Because of the countries Sharon grew up in and the companies she was a part of, Sharon delivers a truly unique experience. She prides herself in delivering stories and examples that are unheard of and bring an element of surprise to her audience, leaving every audience member gratified to have learned something new that day.

The next phase in retail

AI and personalization 


The only book you need to understand the future of retail and ecommerce

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Sharon Gai has led organizations in keynotes, workshops and masterclasses.

Speaker Reel 2024
AI and ecommerce
ASBN Interview - Sharon


The Red Pill or Blue Pill: Navigating the Dichotomy in AI


AI is no longer a futuristic concept reserved for science fiction movies. It's already here, and it's rapidly changing the way businesses operate, compete, and grow. From machine learning to natural language processing, AI is revolutionizing the way we work, transforming the very fabric of industries across the globe. In this keynote, we'll dive deep into the transformative effects of AI on business and explore the tremendous opportunities and challenges it presents. We will  discover how businesses of all sizes can leverage AI to gain a competitive edge, streamline processes, automate tasks, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and profitability. We will also unravel the intricate web of anxiety, social isolation, and job displacement that may arise from these technological advancements. You will leave this keynote with a new mindset, with insights and perspectives that will enable you to navigate the complex landscape of AI, make informed decisions, and position your organization for success in the future. Now the question is, will you take the red pill or blue pill?


In this keynote, you will learn:


  • How companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Nvidia can shape our lives in the next decade

  • Understand the difference between hype and reality when it comes to AI and its potential for business.

  • AI’s impact on local communities and how to use it to develop local economies

  • Learn about the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the age of AI, and how to cultivate them in yourself and your team

  • Examine the potential negative consequences of AI on mental health, including increased anxiety, social isolation, and job displacement

  • A new mindset to adopt to navigate new technologies that impact our economy


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Singularity University

We invited Sharon as an expert to talk about innovations in ecommerce for our exclusive summit. Her presentation captured the current ecommerce landscape very accurately and we would recommend her to any event organization looking for keynotes

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