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The dangers of ChatGPT and AI

While we are all enthralled at the moment on how much easier our daily work tasks can become by integrating ChatGPT, we also need to think critically about the damages it can do for us as a society.

I’m not talking about the economy just yet, and the number of jobs it wipes away. I’m talking about the things that will change on a personal basis.

Since ChatGPT came out in November 2022, I’ve started to use it on a daily basis. I’m now also a Plus user. I’ve already felt some of the repercussions myself in that, it’s become harder for me to compose emails without it. It’s the same as when we forgot how to do basic math when we started using the calculator, and lost our sense of direction when we started using Google maps. Now we’re completely lost when our phones are dead. These are simple muscles in our body that, when made obsolete, will just atrophy.

It’s so easy to pop any work task as a prompt into the program and let the AI spit out the answer. Prompt-writing is becoming so popular that it is becoming an actual job called the Prompt Engineer. This person’s role is to learn how to write better prompts and check on what the AI is spitting back to you. Goldman Sachs estimates about 300 million jobs to be displaced by this system, and we are only in the beginning stages.

However, tech leaders around the world are now suddenly asking for a six month pause on the research of AI. Is the cat out of the bag and too hard to contain? Perhaps. I’m not sure what a six month pause would do, other than spawn others to simply create their own versions of the tool.

When you flip on a light switch, you don’t expect the electricity to stop. It has become a commodity that we just can’t live with out. This is what I see AI as well, it will become a basic need for people to access. The opportunities in this space is obviously enormous. Several companies, overnight have realized that they might soon be out of business if they don’t figure out a way to provide more value than what ChatGPT is doing. The emergence of AI is similar to the emergence of Maps or the calculator. We can no longer imagine a world without either of these objects.

I predict there will be an even bigger digital divide. There is already a large swath of senior citizens who are not in sync with the ways of their Gen Z counterparts. We will see a bigger divide amongst the different generations in the workplace. We will also see a divide start to happen across countries, and those who don’t have access reliable internet to access ChatGPT.

There is going to be also a conversational divide. We will have one faction that fears the machine, and another that wants to sewn together with it. We have already started to see this happen with the amount of people joining on the bandwagon of “delete facebook”. Which faction will you be a part of?

Don’t let your business become left behind. Book me today to discuss how to involve AI and ChatGPT into your business and industry. We must live in a future that works with machines, and not fear them.

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